Unblock YouTube

Every month, more than 6 billion hours of video are accessed on YouTube. The world has become addicted to YouTube as a source of entertainment, promotions and marketing, and a straight path to fame and fortune. Because of this growing addiction to YouTube, thousands of offices and schools have blocked YouTube from their network. Countries are also known to censor certain videos tagging them as offensive, prejudicial, and downright evil.

Have you ever been blocked from watching YouTube?

If so, you must learn more about Virtual Private Networks or VPNs. These are proxy services you can use to unblock YouTube. You will need to download the application or sign up for the service. Once you become a VPN user, you will enjoy much more than the chance to unblock YouTube. For instance, you can also unblock websites and other social media sites including Twitter, . If you want to surf the Internet anonymously, and you should be interested in this, VPN can assign an IP address for you to use. It will tie in with unblocking YouTube because the VPN IP address can bypass network filters and firewalls and works on WAN and LAN.

VPN has a huge following so if you’re worried about using it, don’t be. One of the top VPN services admitted recently that it has more than 200 million users globally. These users enjoy the following:

  • Encrypted online sessions so if you were to be caught using YouTube, it will not be traced back to your IP address.
  • Private browsing and viewing of videos that is not traceable by anyone including your ISP provider so the risk of hacking your computer or mobile device is next to impossible.
  • Wi-Fi security which means the VPN service will allow you to anonymously use public Wi-Fi or hotspots to watch videos. In line with this, you also get to secure all your personal information including instant messages, chats, financial data, personal data, downloads, and passwords.

The power is right there. All you need to do is click the download button.