Unblock Websites

Have you ever been locked out of a website that you direly need to gain access to? Let’s say, the need isn’t urgent but it bugs you that you can’t get into the website, what do you do? Should you just drop it and look for something else to view?

There are powerful Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that be downloaded quickly to serve as your proxy and help you gain access to blocked websites. It’s not even that complicated – at least for you it isn’t. The web proxy will have to bypass firewalls and filters set up by your network to unblock video, gaming, social media sites, and others.

You’ll also be happy to know that VPNs do more than unblock websites. They are also used to:

  • Enable you to browse the Internet anonymously
  • Use a different IP address
  • Pass easily through government geo-restrictions. If you happen to find yourself in Burma, Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Tunisia, and Vietnam, expect strict censorship with Internet access. Granted, the chances of traveling to most of these countries are not high, you’ll be surprised that some of the top travel choices are currently under surveillance for blocking Internet access to some degree. These countries are France, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey. The reasons given were political, social (or offensive websites), and security.
  • Avoid being tracked by your ISP or other groups that like to play Peeping Tom
  • Protection from viruses and malware

Using VPN technology and advanced encryption, you get an application that’s better than an anti-virus, anti-malware, and the features of a private network combined. You actually get unbridled access to the Internet which is a pretty powerful position to be in. Moreover, you are able to protect your privacy, personal and financial information, and freedom from people who do nothing but try to snoop around the lives of others.