Unblock Facebook

Facebook has become so popular especially in schools and in offices that people in authority are taking steps to block Facebook. They can do this and no one can complain because it’s their network – and you’re supposed to be doing something like studying or working!

However, there is an effective way to unblock Facebook and gain access to the world’s most popular social media platform. It requires the use of an application known as the Virtual Private Network or VPN. The VPN is a unique tool to have in your computer because it secures all your online activities from chats, emails, online transactions, work communications and transactions, browsing, and social networking. In short, everything!

The use of a VPN service can be done through a free download or by signing up for the VPN service. You will need to be very picky about the VPN you use because they’re not all equally effective. However, you can be assured of the following with the top VPN service:

  • Full encryption of all your communications and data
  • Protection over your personal and financial details
  • Anonymous browsing with a new VPN-assigned IP address
  • Unblocking of social media sites and other websites by private networks
  • Unblocking of websites because of geo-location
  • Cloud VPN which allows you to access your information anywhere and still remain safe and secure
  • Avoid being tracked which is so important for those who fear becoming victims of cyber crime or other unscrupulous acts

Going back to your Facebook woes, once you have the VPN service, unblocking Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media site will only take a few minutes. The only exception to this unblocking of Facebook is when Facebook bans you for posting nudity, violating any of their terms of agreement, or changing names. If this happened to you, then no VPN or any other app will work. You’ll need to appeal to the good graces of Facebook to let you back in.