Anonymous Web Surfing

In an ideal world, using the Internet would be safe and secure and web browsing wouldn’t be stressful and dangerous. Sadly, this isn’t an ideal world and there are people around just waiting to steal identities, profiles, passwords, and information. This means that every piece of information we post online is an invitation for someone to steal, hack into, or take advantage of.

Who are Your Potential Online and Invisible Thieves?

Would you believe that people you know are also potential Peeping Toms into your private posts regardless of whether you are using a public Wi-Fi or private connection with a password? For instance, if you happen to go browsing through the Internet at work, there is a chance that your employer will find out. Don’t forget that the ISP provider, browser, and even the government can solicit information about you every time you do something online. Thus, it’s not just the hackers and cyber criminals you have to concern yourself about which is why you need to learn how to anonymously brose the Internet.

Anonymous Web Surfing

Whatever you do, wherever you go online, you will leave your footprints behind. Anonymity per se is not possible online unless you take precautionary steps to cover your online movements. Here are a few suggestions how to effectively cover your tracks online.

  • Assess your online activities. Are you all over the place, clicking on everything that interests you, spending hours on the Internet, chatting with strangers, and watching videos from strangers? You can view your online activities by checking your History on your browser page.
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  • Build a secure firewall to protect your computer. It is better to invest in antivirus software rather than depend on the free versions but keep in mind that antivirus software will not secure your connections, just your computer.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your communications and online browsing. A VPN works as a partner to the antivirus software because it gives you a secure connection through encryption and by hiding your IP address in favor of the VPN IP address.
  • Keep snoopers and Peeping Toms from invading your privacy. Secure your device and your web surfing so you can secure your life.